Mobile Mail

When I hear those on podcasts talk about removing mail from their phones I think why would you do that? Despite the presence of spam, email remains the central means for written communications between organisations large and small, regardless of location, or role in the organisation. Email’s ubiquity is it’s power. For many years after the mass acceptance of email there was no tangible mechanism for using it away from a desktop computer, using a slow cabled dial-up connection. A wireless connection from a handheld device was a pipe-dream, the stuff of science fiction. That we can have a reliable, usable and indeed often powerful email client in our hands should be embraced.

Unedited Imperfections

I have come to conclusion that I'm (touch wood) never going to post edited or optimised photographs. It's not that I don't care. It's rather that I don't have the time to spend hours carefully crafting images that no one is going to look at. Like most of the site, this is largely just for me. I'm the target audience. If there is poor composition, or something's really bad then I'll either make a quick edit or just not post it all. Otherwise my like is imperfect, therefore so will be my photographs.

Hope over Experience

When I revised this site I created a holding page, a quick blog entry to set the scene for this site and then continued to build the rest of the content. Both in the my micro blog and in my professional blog. The only problem was that I then abandoned it. Not intentionally abandoned but discarded like so many personal blogs, without the love or consistent content to keep it going, worthwhile or relevant to it's creator if no one else. I'm hoping it's now finally possible to find the time to revise this and make something of this blog. Even if I don't know yet what that's to be.