A Simplier Set-up

My mental model of my online presence is evolving and I'm reaching a conclusion with something I'm more comfortable with. A key component is to sunset the my “Micro” site. The content here is generally cross-posted from my Micro.blog hosted content. Only due to anal-retentive controlling nature I’m actively making the reposts using a combination of MarsEdit + Keyboard Maestro (on macOS) and Drafts (on iOS). Rather than adding value this set-up is creating a mental barrier between me and new content. From here on out, this blog will be for the longer form content with micro-blogging directly to Micro.blog.

Re-connected… again

I've managed to generate a single post in last 4 weeks. September 2019 has been a tumultuous month, of upheaval and upset. Almost noting is the same today as is it was on the 20th August. However, it's beneficial to think of this not as the end but as a new beginning. I have an opportunity to reconnect, to apply myself more than I have been doing of late. There's much to let me only think of this negative context, but there's positives too. I just need to look for them.