Dual Screen Devices

As a lover of Apple products, someone who is all in on macOS and iOS I have to confess to be being seriously conflicted. The Microsoft Neo looks a really interesting concept, I just wish it was made by Apple and not Microsoft.

The dual screen concept is what I’ve been anticipating since Jean Luc Picard started tapping on glass, 2 decades before the fruit company unveiled the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. It has always seemed to me to be the natural evolution of the HMI for personal computing. Not merely in a keyboard but in new a interaction paradigm, manipulating content just and quick actions. The challenge is that the latter support interactions don’t yet exist on any OS platform.

The closest I’ve seen in the Apple world is from Astra’s concept of an iPad laying on a MacBook Pro keyboard. This is an interesting hack but that’s all it is. The Neo, if it ships, may hail a new class of hardware products with Microsoft delivering the kind of innovations only Apple has been able to deliver.

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