Neglected but renewed

My blog and domain have both been somewhat dormant over the last 12 months, preferring short posts to my Micro Blog. But despite that I've decided to renew my subscription with SiteGround for another year. I should therefore make greater use of this over the next year, and beyond.

Paper Based Democracy

The labour party can talk up the need for greater levels of internet access but that should also include the basics in government services, such as the need for printers, pen and stamps. To apply to vote by post in England, Scotland or Wales, you need to download, print and fill in the postal vote application form. And if I don't have a printer how do I submit this digitally, like it's actually the 21st century? I understand the need for a vote to be posted, the return of a physical unique item like an individual's polling card. However I don't see how the application to receive the card also needs to be based on physically downloading, printing, and posting a form.

Dual Screen Devices

As a lover of Apple products, someone who is all in on macOS and iOS I have to confess to be being seriously conflicted. The Microsoft Neo looks a really interesting concept, I just wish it was made by Apple and not Microsoft. The dual screen concept is what I’ve been anticipating since Jean Luc Picard started tapping on glass, 2 decades before the fruit company unveiled the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. It has always seemed to me to be the natural evolution of the HMI for personal computing. Not merely in a keyboard but in new a interaction paradigm, manipulating content just and quick actions. The challenge is that the latter support interactions don’t yet exist on any OS platform. The closest ...

A Simplier Set-up

My mental model of my online presence is evolving and I'm reaching a conclusion with something I'm more comfortable with. A key component is to sunset the my “Micro” site. The content here is generally cross-posted from my hosted content. Only due to anal-retentive controlling nature I’m actively making the reposts using a combination of MarsEdit + Keyboard Maestro (on macOS) and Drafts (on iOS). Rather than adding value this set-up is creating a mental barrier between me and new content. From here on out, this blog will be for the longer form content with micro-blogging directly to

Re-connected… again

I've managed to generate a single post in last 4 weeks. September 2019 has been a tumultuous month, of upheaval and upset. Almost noting is the same today as is it was on the 20th August. However, it's beneficial to think of this not as the end but as a new beginning. I have an opportunity to reconnect, to apply myself more than I have been doing of late. There's much to let me only think of this negative context, but there's positives too. I just need to look for them.

No mention of No Deal.

Despite all the claims to the contrary BBC News is reporting on the lack of discussion of No Deal on as part of Vote Leave's stable of unicorns: After days looking through the archives, we have not been able to find any other clear examples of Mr Raab talking about the possibility of a no-deal exit before the referendum on 23 June 2016. Channel 4 News and The Guardian both came to the same conclusion. It's with incredible duplicity that they would not only conspire to deceive the electorate before the referendum and continue to do so even today.

This is 2019, not 1919

I'm actually speechless after reading the BBC's reporting of the edict from Jacob Rees-Mogg I'm actually speechless, banning words and insisting on imperial units. Not only is the desire for alternative language completely unenforceable, but the arrogance that we should somehow abandon SI units in favour of an antiquated and outdated system of measurement demonstrates just how out of touch the ERG and the wider Conservative party are with reality. The SI system is literally the foundation of modern technology, industry, manufacturing, science and research. This is 2019, not 1919. The concept that the last 100 years of research should be abandoned by a single political party is both far fetc ...

Mobile Mail

When I hear those on podcasts talk about removing mail from their phones I think why would you do that? Despite the presence of spam, email remains the central means for written communications between organisations large and small, regardless of location, or role in the organisation. Email’s ubiquity is it’s power. For many years after the mass acceptance of email there was no tangible mechanism for using it away from a desktop computer, using a slow cabled dial-up connection. A wireless connection from a handheld device was a pipe-dream, the stuff of science fiction. That we can have a reliable, usable and indeed often powerful email client in our hands should be embraced.

Unedited Imperfections

I have come to conclusion that I'm (touch wood) never going to post edited or optimised photographs. It's not that I don't care. It's rather that I don't have the time to spend hours carefully crafting images that no one is going to look at. Like most of the site, this is largely just for me. I'm the target audience. If there is poor composition, or something's really bad then I'll either make a quick edit or just not post it all. Otherwise my like is imperfect, therefore so will be my photographs.

Hope over Experience

When I revised this site I created a holding page, a quick blog entry to set the scene for this site and then continued to build the rest of the content. Both in the my micro blog and in my professional blog. The only problem was that I then abandoned it. Not intentionally abandoned but discarded like so many personal blogs, without the love or consistent content to keep it going, worthwhile or relevant to it's creator if no one else. I'm hoping it's now finally possible to find the time to revise this and make something of this blog. Even if I don't know yet what that's to be.